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Refers to Janne’s living environment ­­­­­—

the apartment, the city, the bold & beautiful nature…

Earth, the Milky Way, Laniakea, the Universe.


ya-nuh house ”


We’re on a missionto revive our planet,

one sustainable threadat a time.

We are innovators, challengers, and dreamers who are

committed to creating luxurious

home décor without hurting our planet.




“Today’s textile industry is built on an

outdated linear, take-make-dispose

model and is hugely wasteful and polluting.”

— Ellen MacArthur


Our goal is to radically change how we produce and consume textiles. We envision a restorative solution that allows materials to be recycled, reused, and renewed much like our biological cycle.


A Circular

Economy Is Based On Three Principles


1.  Design out waste and pollution

2.  Keep products and materials in use

3.  Regenerate natural systems

— Ellen MacArthur

The concept is founded on the idea that consumer behavior should mimic the natural biological cycle we are already predisposed to. In turn, we would help build economies while minimizing waste.


“Circularity principles need to be implemented throughout all stages of a value chain to make the circular economy a success. From design to production, all the way to the consumer.”



— Jan Huitema (Renew Europe, the Netherlands)

Circular economies create space for innovation on how we manufacture, distribute, and consume products. It encourages the mindset that products should be “made to be made again” in order to replenish natural resources and minimize the use of non-renewable materials. We have so much to learn, but our eyes are wide open.

1 2     The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

3        European Parliament (2021) “The impact of textile production and waste on the environment”


Welcome to Janne Haus

Live in cadence with nature. Relish in the bold and beautiful,

the weird, and the wonderful presence of nature. The psychedelic flowers,

The angry volcanos, The desolate serenity, The reverent white mountains,

The twinkling stars that wash upon the shore…

Every corner of earth is a unique story that makes our home, home.

The world’s first 100% sustainable hospitality decor brand

Our intentions are simple:

Expose the greatness of our planet.

We strive to create conversations about what it means to live on Earth, To spark ideas on how to preserve a sustainable future, And to truly appreciate the delicate intricacies and vivid colors of our planet.





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